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We believe that the key to efficiency in our daily activity is to let everyone do what they like best. Creating a good atmosphere is very important to us, therefore every dental technician is given a job most suited to their ability.

That is our secret to guarantee a 100% performance with a smile.


Reliability is guaranteed by the fact that no subcontractors are engaged. Our colleagues carry out activities based on an internal quality assurance system. Everything is prepared by our own technicians in our own laboratory to ensure that all deadlines are met.

Members of our professional team:

  • Plaster and articulation (2) 
  • Metal department (5)
  • Prosthetics (4)
  • Ceramic department (7)
  • Work coordinators
  • Master dental technicians (4) 


Our external professional partner is János Makó and his MAJAKI ceramic school. Thanks to our special registration system, all work processes can be monitored accurately ensuring that clients are informed on a permanent basis. Digital administration allows our dental technicians to focus fully on meeting orders instead of manual data recording.


We regularly participate in national and international dental exhibitions and professional training courses.

These events ensure that we are not only among the first ones to find out about the latest advancements in dental technology, but that we can put them in practice immediately. We organise professional presentations to the public as well as internal training sessions in our educational laboratory. As a result, we are capable of meeting more complex customer needs as well.


We are honoured that more and more dentists require our advice on implants or ask for guidance. It shows a high level of regard for our professional expertise which makes us feel justly proud. We are pleased to help in professional matters concerning metal ceramic, metal-free or implant solutions, or to offer any kind of professional assistance.

Our key dental tehniciansHeads of our Specialty Teams

Dénes Császár

Master Dental Technician As head of the metal framework unit I find that precision is exceedingly important. My job, and my goal, is to prepare every item involving metal and zirconia framework solutions (combined products, implants and CAD/CAM frameworks, crown and bridge frameworks produced with precision mould technology, metal plates, gold inlays) with utmost precision. Why did I choose this particular field?Because every piece of work requires creativity in order to deliver perfection, and I enjoy challenges.

Fields of expertise: ceramics, veneers, metal-free restorations, aesthetic implants

Master dental technician (2003)

Szemere Bertalan Secondary School of Vocational Training and Arts, Miskolc (1995)

Key areas:
Ceramics, veneers

Previous workplaces:
Athodent / Attila Horváth (1993)
Dentofit / László Gindl (1996)
Dentpress / László Gindl (1997)
ADS system / Dr. Antal Alföldi (1998)
Kiwa Dental / Endre Kiss (1999)
Dental Coop / Judit Balogh (2000)
Dental Plussz / Gábor Zakariás (2002)
Individual Dental / János Makó (2004)

 Own businesses:
Budapestdent (2005)
Császár Dental (2010)

Attila Kínál

Master Dental Technician In our age computer technology has a key role in development, opening up new horizons in dental technology and offering various opportunities. One example is the digital design of dental products, having performed the laser scanning of gypsum models. This 3D technology is capable of projecting the final image of dental products. We are free to dream and create without any risk, and the designs help us to avoid structural errors. Delivering perfection is a priority.

Fields of expertise: prosthetics, metal framework, implants, combined and telescopic solutions

Master dental technician (2003)


Metal, prosthetics, implants, combined solutions, screw-retained abutment systems

Previous workplaces:
Peck Zahntechnisches Laboratorium (Wien)
Lehel Dent
Dental Plussz / Gábor Zakariás
Individual Dental / János Makó

Own businesses:
Kínál Dental

2005: National and Budapest’s Dental Technicians Guild, Imre Földvári Award

Katalin Füri

Dental Technician Our work is a kind of functional art. It makes room for creativity and allows us to help others. The expectation we face is none less than fully ensuring the aesthetic and natural look of fixed prosthetics.Our job involves the preparation of ceramic or composite veneers and inlays for zirconium, metal or e.max frameworks. Our work requires a high level of aesthetic skill and finesse. Perfection is assured by steadiness and patience.

Attila Forró

Master Dental Technician As a dental technician I became fascinated by the complexity involved in the preparation of removable prosthetics. I chose this field in order to be able to master it. Our conscientious work ensures perfectly fitting partial and complete removable prosthetics. We pay special attention to the profile application of prefabricated acrylic or composite teeth and the aesthetic features of dental prosthetics in order to deliver outstanding quality.
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