The aim of this collection is to make available information that helps you find your way in the world of dental technology, in your professional language. We are constantly expanding its content to help you gain knowledge, understand technologies, concepts and terms.

CAD/CAM in dentistry

As a major step in technological development, CAD/CAM systems have been introduced to dentistry. Essentially it means that a model – casted from the impression the dentist took of the prepared teeth – is scanned and visualized on the screen of a computer. Based on the scanned data the restoration is virtually designed by the technician The final design is forwarded via internet to an international manufacturer’s centre where the frame is carved out of zirconium, titanium, or from a Cobalt-Chrome metal block. Finally, an aesthetic and realistic ceramic cover is added to the framework layer by layer. Automated technology ensures constant quality.

Screw-retained prosthesis

In the case of edentulism a frequent solution is the application of an all-on-four restorative prosthesis. The removable prosthesis is retained with the seconder part of the bar imbedded in the denture. Its advantage lies in the reducible expansion of the upper restoration and in its increasable stability. It is more hygienic compared to fixed restorations and more accessible to cleaning for it requires only a few implants. With this method not only missing teeth can be restored, but atrophic maxillary and mandibular ridges also.
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